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We are passionate about educating the general public. and professionals who come into contact with dying and newly bereaved people, so that people in Scotland are fully informed about their options when someone dies.

Feedback from hospice staff on training

“Fantastic to have this space and opportunity to learn and talk about the hard stuff and the taboo”

“Feel much better informed to help and direct family and patients. We all have options.”

“Very informative. Feel empowered to make decisions in my own life and also more able to speak with people I come into contact with”

We can provide, across Scotland, a half-day or one-day interactive workshop for any community – “Get familiar with your options when someone dies”. We support anyone who would like to arrange a “Round the Table” session. You make the soup and cakes and invite a group of friends round and we provide a fascinating and informative afternoon.

We can provide input to undergraduate and postgraduate nursing education, and to continuing professional development sessions for nurses and other health professionals.

We can provide education to home carers on supporting families who choose to tend a body in the home, and facilitate awareness raising talks for the general public, nurses and other professionals.

We are always available to discuss opportunities and possibilities for us to facilitate education. Contact to discuss.