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2nd May we are speaking and running a breakout session at the Unleashing Compassion Conference at Renfield St Stephen’s Glasgow

16th May we have a stand at the Open Crematorium Day in Falkirk

When someone dies, some people feel the need to stay close to them for a few more days in the familiarity of home. This is often the main carer or closest person who can be in deep shock no matter how expected the death. They can be the “quiet” voice when others around are getting busy contacting funeral directors. It is important that we make sure these quiet voices get what they need as otherwise they can have long lasting regrets affecting their wellbeing.

Looking after someone who has died can be a last loving act can also aid everyone in grieving, bring a sense of fulfilment and help folk, including children, to really take into their bones that a loved one has died. This all helps us to meet death as something understandable and natural.

This can be part of a home-based funeral where people make some or all of the arrangements themselves. It is equally possible for it to be part of a funeral organised by a funeral director.

Get savvy about your options now so that you are ready to care for yourself and your loved ones – in body and soul – after their death.

You don’t have to do it alone. We can help.

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