About Us

Our aim is for everyone in Scotland to know their practical options and legal rights immediately after someone dies, and to be able to take charge of and spend time with them in the place of their choice if that is their wish.

We are here to support anyone who wants to find what’s right for them and those close to them.


Pushing Up the Daisies is a recognised resource in Scotland for such support, and for educating the general public and those whose work influences dying and newly bereaved people. We speak up for the quiet voices – usually women, often carers – who need time for a gentle release from someone who has died.


Everyone in Scotland will have access to a local individual or group who can support them in considering their options, and/or tending to someone at home after they die. Bereaved people are able to spend plenty of time with a person who has died in the place of their choice if that is their wish. 


The Charity

Pushing Up the Daisies became a charity in August 2016. Our details can be confirmed by OSCR. Our Charitable Objects are the relief of the newly bereaved during the period between a death and a funeral, the advancement of education in the care of bodies at home after death, and the advancement of health related to grief.

To become a member of the charity please return this form to admin@pushingupthedaisies.org.uk

Chair: Tess Humble

Secretary: Dietmar Hartmann

Secretary: Dietmar Hartmann

Trustee: Steve Nail

Thank you for contributing towards the essential costs of our charity. We depend on donations to keep the charity running for the benefit of everyone in Scotland, and beyond.

If you are currently a UK taxpayer please  complete a gift aid declaration to boost your donation by 25p for every £1 you donate. Email this form to admin@pushingupthedaisies.org.uk

Slow Down When Someone Dies

by Lin Carruthers and Kate Clark

Do the lights go out when someone dies? Are you in the dark about what to do when a person takes their last breath? This life-affirming guide encourages and enables you to explore the options for everyone involved.

It is currently available in paperback and eBook format. It is also available as a pdf by donation from admin@pushingupthedaisies.org.uk.

We are working on making it available in local bookshops in June 2023.

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This module explores an approach to preparing for your Daisy Days which takes account of yourself and also those central to your life. It covers who can legally make arrangements for you, how to begin, the influences on decisions, explorative conversations, and gives step-by-step guidance to write your “After My Last Breath” letter.

You will receive a link to:

  • watch the module video (approx 30 mins)
  • download the video transcript
  • download an illuminating exercise
  • access other useful resources.

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For further information contact admin@pushingupthedaisies.org.ukan