Pushing Up The Daisies started as the response of a group of women in Moray, Scotland to their experiences of death and dying. It has grown into a Scotland wide charity network. We are a part of a growing movement of people who have a heart felt human need to bring death back into our lives and into our homes.

We want to ease the suffering around dying and the pain of grieving. We want to bring people closer to the intimacy, awe and wonder about life that becomes possible beside and around death.

We believe that taking time in the days after someone we love has died eases our grief in the longer term. By staying close to them, we slowly start to understand deep within ourselves the significance of what has happened.

Fundamentally we are about shared humanity and finding ways to be close to death so that it may be less scary and more meaningful. We are also very much about taking action to create structures and opportunities for this experience.



Our Mission

Be there for people who want to care for someone at home after they die.

Our Vision

Everyone in Scotland will have access to a local individual or group who can support them to care for someone at home after they die.

Pushing Up the Daisies will be a recognised resource in Scotland for such support and for educating the general public and those whose work influences dying and newly bereaved people.

At death in Scotland

  • a hospital nurse asks “Would you like to take them home ?”
  • a funeral director asks “Would you like any help to care for their body or keep them at home? “


Pushing Up The Daisies is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation  SC046808