After the Last Breath Course

Feedback from course participants

“So much has changed in my thinking since I did this course”

“The course materials were absolutely invaluable and have given me a wonderful folder full of resources.”

“You have taken the whole idea of death out of institutions and back into our homes.”

“You have given us back the spaces in between.”


AUTUMN 2022 – Starting 29th September  *** Bookings close 26th September  *** Live sessions 01/10, 22/10, 12/11, 03/12 – all Saturdays at 11am

EARLY 2023 – Starting 23rd January *** Bookings close 20th January *** Live sessions 25/01, 15/02, 08/03, 29/03 – all Wednesdays at 7pm.

After someone’s last breath often people ask “What’s the right thing to do now?” … and what is the right thing to do?

In this online course you will learn how to discern what is right for you, those around you and the person who has taken their last breath. Our aim is that you will gain the knowledge, confidence and curiosity to support you to follow your instincts. We demystify what happens to someone’s body when they die and how to keep it close until you are ready to hand it over. Attention is given to preparing for the last breath, practical body care, soul care, psychological responses and ritual/funeral options. 

The course is suitable for everyone, with any or no spiritual or religious belief. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

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Note: If you are in Scotland and considering to join the Daisy Chain the course is a pre-requisite and is offered for no charge.

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Pushing Up The Daisies is a Scottish Charity and here, in Scotland, we are fortunate to have very few laws relating to the care and burial or cremation of someone who has taken their last breath. Most of the material is generally applicable to all situations. However, the legal and cultural perspective is specific to Scotland.


Course participants based in Scotland have the option of applying to be a link in our Daisy Chain around Scotland – assisting, advising and promoting our work. 

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