In the moments and days after someone dies there is no rush to do anything – it can help to slow everything down and think about your options. Give yourself time to work out what’s best for your own wellbeing and that of those around you during the coming days. It may not be what you initially think. The decisions made in the first hours really can affect your life, and the lives of those close to you, for years to come.  We help you learn how. 

When someone dies you always have choices about what happens next. Some people choose to have the person’s body at home for a few days and release it gently. Others have different priorities. People also have different emotional and psychological needs. Remember, the choice is yours.

Taking time to adjust could help you with grieving in the long term. The journey from a death to burial or cremation can be rich and meaningful, helping to gently ease the living and the dead into their new circumstances.

You can involve yourself as much or as little as you choose with arrangements, which could involve bringing somebody home. Funeral directors can be helpful, especially if you have no experience of arranging a burial or cremation, but you do not need to use a funeral director unless you want to. Our Daisy Chain of volunteers across Scotland can answer your questions, explore your options and support you to make choices, especially if you plan being involved in the care of someone in the days after their death.

How much do you know about After the Last Breath legalities?

Practical Assistance We Offer

We believe that you are the funeral director. We are your assistant, advisor and supporter. Whilst focussing on how everyone’s deepest needs and aspirations can be met, we always have an eye to the practicalities.

We advise on how you can do things yourself or assist you to do them, often suggesting ways you can involve your close family, friends or community. Whether taking someone home, tending to their body or arranging their burial/cremation, we are alongside you. Currently hands-on assistance in Moray only.

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After the Last Breath Course


Autumn 2024

Education is a Pillar of our Work

We are keen that everyone in Scotland is fully informed about their options when someone dies. As well as education for health professionals we provide online learning to help anyone to discern what is right for them and those around them. Our aim is that people will gain the knowledge, confidence and curiosity to allow them to follow their instincts and to support their well-being when someone dies.

Intensive Online Course

This course is run several times per year over 9 weeks. It is a mix of self-study and online group activity with 4 live online Q&A/discussion sessions. You receive materials each week including teaching videos, interesting links and illuminating exercises. This is an opportunity to learn with like-minded folks.

Self-paced Modules

The self-paced modules cover the same material as the online course. They are an opportunity to explore the areas of interest to you at your own pace and in your own time. For each module you receive a teaching video (with transcript), interesting links to related material and illuminating exercises.  

People Tell Us Their Stories

When someone dies, having their body at home is not usually a priority in Scotland. Usually a funeral director takes the person’s body away soon after their last breath. It is always worth considering to take the person’s body home, for at least a few days. Don’t be put off by the thought of tending to a dead body as it is usually easier than expected. Hear how meaningful it can be in these video stories.

Sven & Betsy’s Story

The Daisy Chain

Like many things in life, there are pros and cons to taking charge yourself when someone dies. When you know what these are, it gets a whole lot easier to make the best choices for yourself and the people you love. Our Daisy Chain of volunteers across Scotland can answer your questions, explore your options and support you to make choices. Discuss with us the practicalities for your situation. Our volunteers are here to help you make informed choices. They are ready to welcome you into this growing movement too! Find out how to join us

We provide information and support to people wishing to consider the options after death, especially those who instinctively want to keep someone at home (or bring them back home) in the days after their last breath.

We are happy to give a talk to your organisation or group of friends anywhere in Scotland –  send us a message and we can arrange it. 

“Fantastic to have this space and opportunity to learn and talk about the hard stuff and the taboo.”

We understand there are taboos and uncertainty surrounding death, but the information we can provide is practical and reassuring.

  • Laws about death and funerals in Scotland.
  • Immediately after someone dies at home.
  • Someone dies in a hospital, hospice or care home.
  • Caring at home for someone who has died.
  • When a baby dies.
  • Arranging and paying for funerals in Scotland.
  • Web links and leaflets.

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Slow Down When Someone Dies

by Lin Carruthers and Kate Clark

Do the lights go out when someone dies? Are you in the dark about what to do when a person takes their last breath? This life-affirming guide encourages and enables you to explore the options for everyone involved.

It is currently available in paperback and eBook format. It is also available as a pdf by donation from

We are working on making it available in local bookshops in June 2023.

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This module explores an approach to preparing for your Daisy Days which takes account of yourself and also those central to your life. It covers who can legally make arrangements for you, how to begin, the influences on decisions, explorative conversations, and gives step-by-step guidance to write your “After My Last Breath” letter.

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  • access other useful resources.

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