Paying for Funerals

The average cost of a basic funeral in Scotland in 2017 is estimated as £3,535.

This includes the cost of burial or cremation, funeral director fees and a basic coffin. Extras such as flowers, cars, elaborate coffins or wake can double this amount. There are many ways to reduce the costs too.

The Money Advice Service and Which? give very useful information on Funeral Costs and different ways to pay for a funeral, including ways to pay in advance.

The costs of burial and cremation vary greatly across Scotland. Funeral Directors fees also vary greatly. Often people are not aware of the costs of their choices eg the cost of removing the deceased from home overnight can be £200.

There is concern across the UK about the rising costs of funerals and the rise in the level of debt due to paying for a funeral – this has been termed “Funeral Poverty”.

For the latest information and resources on the situation in Scotland, including government reports, see the Scottish Working Group on Funeral Poverty website.