Feedback from our Demystifying Death Tour

We are back and delighted with the feedback we have received from our demystifying death tour….

“I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you both for such a interesting – and funny! – evening last Wednesday. Your relaxed and informal but also very informative style of communication was perfect for us, and we have had nothing but positive feedback about how valuable the session was. There is definitely an appetite for doing further work in this area.”

Gill Simpson, Manager, Helensburgh Community Hub.


” After working in palliative and end of life care for more years than I care to admit to I left this talk last night enlightened and keen to learn more about the options we can offer the people and families we care for. It was fascinating to hear that almost anything is legally possible after a death. Well done Kate and Lin and thank you for visiting Kilbryde.”

Margaret Mary Cowan, Clinical Services Director, Kilbryde Hospice


and feedback from the workshop particpants…..


“Good to know what is possible, and discuss with people when they are still alive.

I found the practical stories abour taking people home after death useful.

I liked the emphasis that there was no right or wrong way to do things – doing what’s right for you.

I think its wonderful to have something available for that period of “limbo” after death, before burial.

You have given me so much information to be able to pass on.

People have more choices than we know of.

Considering a more personal burial.

Helpful legal advice.

We felt this information allowed us to claim back the funeral process.

Absolutely great to have people discussing the inevitability of facing death, burial and grieving, how being aware of possible options to face that, can assist the negative aspects and even become very positive experiences. The discussion was very helpful.

Demystifying the end of life is so important.

We were really quite unaware that we could “take charge” of what happens after someone dies.

Good to talk about death and even have a few laughs.

Helpful to realise that we don’t need to make decisions about what happens too quickly.

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Slow Down When Someone Dies

by Lin Carruthers and Kate Clark

Do the lights go out when someone dies? Are you in the dark about what to do when a person takes their last breath? This life-affirming guide encourages and enables you to explore the options for everyone involved.

It is currently available in paperback and eBook format. It is also available as a pdf by donation from

We are working on making it available in local bookshops in June 2023.

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This module explores an approach to preparing for your Daisy Days which takes account of yourself and also those central to your life. It covers who can legally make arrangements for you, how to begin, the influences on decisions, explorative conversations, and gives step-by-step guidance to write your “After My Last Breath” letter.

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