Network & Events

The Pushing Up the Daisies Network exists to support information exchange and community activity across Scotland relating to the care of someone who has died, and those close to them, in the period between their death and funeral.

Everyone who has an interest in our work is welcome to join – you do not need to be working with people who are dying. The Network currently includes carers, funeral celebrants, nurses, mortuary managers, death doulas, mums, hospice volunteers, interested people, midwives, bereavement officers, artists, counsellors, clergy………

Our aim is to hold Network Gatherings twice a year where members can share knowledge and support each others’ work and vision. We will also hold other events throughout the year – see sub pages in this section for details of other events.

To join the network and receive occasional newsletters and details of events please subscribe on the home page.

We are gathering resources related to care of people who have died which may be of interest – see the Information section of this website.