Online Network Gathering

Tuesday February 27th 2024  8-9pm online 

What can we learn from the Coffin Roads?


We are delighted that Ian Bradley is joining us to share the extraordinary traditions around the coffin roads in the Highlands and islands of Scotland – ancient tracks along which bodies were carried on their way to remote graveyards. 

Professor Bradley is the author of The Coffin Roads:Journeys to the West, the second in a trilogy of books on aspects of death and the afterlife. 

Can these traditions help us to recapture the patterns of dealing with death which we have lost in our times? Is there good reason to make the transition from life to death more gradual and to mark it with rituals which can help the expression of grief and give it meaning and context? Join us to discuss.


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Ian Bradley is Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History at the University of St Andrews. He has written over 40 books and is well-known as a  broadcaster, journalist and lecturer. He is also a Church of Scotland minister and a respected academic whose enthusiasm shines through in all that he does. More about his book and the coffin roads.

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Slow Down When Someone Dies

by Lin Carruthers and Kate Clark

Do the lights go out when someone dies? Are you in the dark about what to do when a person takes their last breath? This life-affirming guide encourages and enables you to explore the options for everyone involved.

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We are working on making it available in local bookshops in June 2023.

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This module explores an approach to preparing for your Daisy Days which takes account of yourself and also those central to your life. It covers who can legally make arrangements for you, how to begin, the influences on decisions, explorative conversations, and gives step-by-step guidance to write your “After My Last Breath” letter.

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