Network Gathering

Flower Essences After the Last Breath

We are delighted to be welcoming Fiona Hughes and Sharon Keenan to our next online network gathering. Fiona and Sharon are Flower Essence Practitioners and Producers, and also Funeral Celebrants, who have worked with end of life support and grief. 

Monday June 20th 7pm

Flower Essences help to restore harmony and balance in our energy systems and are being increasingly used at times of intense challenge. They offer a very profound level of support through death, dying and beyond and emotional support and reassurance for all involved. 

We will discover :

  • What are Flower Essences?

  • Which emotional states can they help support?

  • How can we use them in the days after someone’s last breath?

Sharon and Fiona have recently opened Death’s Door  – a community space to help explore feelings around death dying, grief and loss. They are here to empower people to make decisions around end of life care for themselves and their loved ones, using the healing power of Nature as a support for this. 

No need to book. We will send out a meeting link a couple of days before.

Do you have any news to share at the gathering? Please let us know by 18th June to