Caring at Home for Someone Who Has Died

1st December at the In The Moment Centre, 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow G3 7DS

10am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-4pm


This Pushing Up The Daisies network event is an opportunity to learn, in a supportive and relaxed environment, about caring for the body of someone when they die. It is also a chance to reflect together on what is currently happening in our culture and why you may want to “do it differently”. It is suitable for anyone with no previous experience of caring for someone after death – you may have personal reasons for your interest or may be just curious. It is also suitable for health professionals to brush up on the legalities of people caring for someone after they die, and the research on people’s choices and options. Certificates for participatory CPD can be provided.

This event will be of interest to people who are curious about how we approach death and relate to people who have died. It will also be of interest to people who want to learn the ways they can help when someone dies – whether for practical, spiritual or financial reasons.
It is important to know that there are few laws in Scotland affecting what happens after someone dies. For some, or all, of the days between death and burial or cremation, people have the option to tend their deceased loved one’s body themselves in the privacy of home. This tender act, which rarely requires ‘professional’ input (although professionals can of course help), can aid in grieving, bring a sense of fulfilment, and help families, including children, to meet death as something normal and natural.

Each session will cover the Legalities of “doing it yourself”, What’s in a Home Death Kit ?, Advance Preparations, Must Dos, Practicalities of Caring for a Body and Keeping Safe – with plenty of time for questions. The session is led by Kate Clark, a community palliative nurse with personal experience of caring for her own family at home after their death and also many years of professional experience guiding families at the time of a loved one’s death.

Donations on the day to cover expenses will be appreciated. A suggested donation is £20 but please do not let ££s put you off – your enthusiasm is reward enough so pay what you can afford.  Contact to reserve a place, saying which session you want to attend. Maximum 12 places for each session.