Caring at home for someone who has died

In the days between death and burial or cremation, people have the option to care for someone who has died. Not much more than 60 years ago, this was the usual way. However, in our current society this often takes courage since it is not “the norm” and most people have lost the knowledge about how to do it.

Taking control of caring for someone yourself even for 24 hours immediately after their death can give you a breathing space to decide on the next steps eg appointing a funeral director with an approach and cost that suits you.

If this feels right for you then it probably is  but you do not need to do it alone. Please remember there is help available – contact us on 0300 102 4444.

You can download a leaflet here it help you think about the practicalities. It is also worth thinking about advance preparations.

Our short booklet here has practical information on caring at home for someone who has died, including the legalities, Must Dos, practical tips and sources of help (this is designed to be printed as an A5 booklet).

This booklet also contains information about what is helpful to have in a “Home Death Kit”. Most of the items will likely already be in your home. The most important extra is a way of cooling the body – you can use bags of ice but this has a risk of leaking. Consider getting cool packs as these are sealed and also stay cool for longer too – they are usually sold as “reuseable gel packs”, “techni-ice” or “cool cubes”. here is an example.


You can also find useful information from these websites.

         Natural Death Centre. They have a friendly helpline too – 01962 712690.

         Only With Love


         Home Funeral Alliance

         Home Funeral Network